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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the store?
You have arrived! Marley Lilly is an online store based out of South Carolina. We currently do not have a physical retail location and we operate exclusively online.
Currently we are in the office Monday-Friday from around 9-5 Eastern Standard time and we respond to all emails and requests typically within a couple hours! We make every effort to respond to ALL emails within less than 24 business hours. If for some reason you do not see a response from us, then something probably happened with the E-Mail! We suggest using the Contact Us Page instead of sending us a direct email in case our system marks your E-Mail as SPAM. Please check your SPAM folder for our responses, unfortunately our responses end up in MANY people's SPAM folders. It will most likely come from [email protected] or [email protected] If you have a question or concern that is not listed here, please use this link to Contact Us.

How do I enter my initials?
Here is the way we would like you to enter them regardless of monogram order on most items:


Whether you want the last name LARGER in the middle or not, we still need you to enter the initials in this order.

Below, there is an option for you to choose the style (male or female). If you would like the last name initial to be larger in the center, please choose female style. If you would like all the letters to be the same size straight across, please choose male style.

For example, to enter a female monogram for Carrie Wynn Smith, you would want to enter this:

In this monogram, what initial above is for the LAST Name?: S
To triple check the placement - What is their full LAST NAME: Smith

Choose Style: Female

When we make this, the order above would appear: cSw

Please note: If you enter confusing information or you enter these details incorrectly, we are not liable for the mistake and we will not send a free redo item.  

Did you enter your full name instead of just your initials, no worries - we will use the names you entered to figure out the initials and put them in the correct style that you chose!

If you have any questions or if this information is not clear, please just contact us prior to ordering! [email protected]

Can I place a phone order?
Sure! We would be more than happy to help you over the phone! Right now we have 2 people on staff that can take phone orders. To make sure the person that can help you over the phone can ACTUALLY help you, we would like to schedule a time for this. Nothing is more annoying that calling a company and the people that answer cannot give you an answer. Just use this link to Contact Us and let us know that you need to place a phone order and we will set up a time to call you!

Can I mail you something I own to monogram?
We are sorry, right now we are unable to do this! While we like to think that we are perfect and don't make mistakes, we are FAR from that. In the past when we allowed customers to do this we just got into sticky situations when an item got damaged and it is now a company policy that we cannot accept outside items to monogram.
Can I pick up my order locally instead of paying shipping?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer local pickup. We apologize for the inconvenience, please know that if we were able to offer this option we would! For the time being, if you would like to learn about a shipping discount you can always Contact Us to learn about free shipping coupons!

Can I make a change to my order?
Please review your order confirmation and RESPOND IMMEDIATELY if you see any errors or need to make any changes!  Once your order has been moved to processing, we are unable to make any changes to your order, add the rush fee, upgrade your shipping or cancel the order.

What is your return policy?
All products from Marley Lilly are final sale due to the personalized nature of monogrammed gifts.

I received my order and something is wrong.
Oh no! We are human and we do sometimes make mistakes! If we made a mistake on your order don't worry, we will get you a replacement! Use this link to Contact Us with your order number so we can help get the replacement going for you. Please note, we cannot replace items for free unless the mistake was made by our staff. For example, if you placed your order but you chose the wrong color thread on the order, we will not replace it for free. Typically in a situation where the customer made an ordering mistake ("I ordered an iphone 3 but I actually have an iphone 4") what we do is just charge the customer for the item at a discounted price plus postage to remake and send the item. If the mistake was Marley Lilly's fault then don't worry, we will pay for the replacement!

What is the warranty on your products?
Each product is a little different, some of the products we sell have shorter warranties than others. Since we do not have the ability to make 100% of the products we sell in our shop, we are sometimes at the mercy of an outside vendor to provide specific warranty time periods. If you have a question about a product warranty, just ask! One thing that we do ask for customers to keep in mind is that the long term quality of some of our products would be comparable to something similar you would purchase in a store. For example, you would expect a $35 monogrammed purse to be a similar quality and lifespan product as a $25 "not" monogrammed purse you would find at your local store. While we want to replace things like straps and zippers over the lifetime of a product, it is not likely that if you carry a $25 purse with 10lbs of weight in it every day for a year that the straps would not eventually wear out. For this reason we do consider the cost of products when specifying warranty periods. A typical warranty on most non-jewelry products would be around 90 days.  Jewelry has a warranty of 30 days (excludes metal filigree). Keep in mind that things like expensive jewelry should last a very long time, so if you have any concerns with a product like that please Contact Us so we can help polish/clean/fix or repair any issues you have. If you have an issue with a product please let us know. Keep in mind that we will not issue refunds or exchanges for any personalized products. If your product needs to be repaired or replaced please contact us but keep in mind that all products on our site are final sale due to the personalized nature but we want to help in any way that we can!

I don't see monogrammed _____ on your site, are you going to have them soon?
We are always adding new products! If you are looking for something that you cannot find on Marley Lilly please Contact Us because there is a chance we are getting it in the future, can get it for you, OR can at least advise you on where we would look next if it is a product we cannot offer!

I want to place a bulk order, do you offer discounts?
Of course! Everyone has a different definition of a bulk order, please Contact Us with the quantity you are looking for, item number, and other information that would be needed so we can get you a quote! Typically for bridesmaid orders where there will be 8 of 1 item purchased we will do a buy 7 get 1 free special. We have links to free hats and free scarves set up for this already, if you have another item in mind that you would like to learn about discounts for just get in touch with us before placing the order!

How long does it take to get an order?
Our average processing time is 2-10 business days (excludes Saturday & Sunday). It could take 1 day to make, it could take 14. It totally depends on which item you are ordering, which color and size you need, and how many orders are in front of you. If you need an item quickly, we suggest writing on your order that you are FLEXIBLE. If you are flexible on color choice and style choices, it could drastically reduce turn around time. Please note, we cannot refund money if we do not "meet your requested date." Since you are ordering something personalized, we need a certain amount of time to ensure it is properly made. Sometimes we have to order materials for specific items and it can take us a few days to get those materials in before we can even start on your order. The BEST way to speed up your order is to take the following steps: FIRST- Pay the rush fee. Each item has a rush option at the bottom of the personalization section that you can choose to pay. The additional fee you spend allows US to spend an extra money rushing supplies from our suppliers to get what is necessary to complete your order here faster. NEXT- Make a note on your order if your color choices are flexible. For example, I am ordering the Straw Wide derby hat but I would also be OK with the Ivory wide derby hat. It is possible that if one color is out of stock we can move on to your second choice without having to send your order back to customer service to delay it to contact you and wait for a response before putting it back in production. THIRD- Avoid purchasing the following items if you need your order to be turned around in less than 2 weeks: Sunglasses, Bathing Suits (unless color choice is flexible), Cell Phone Cases, Device Decals, Cut Out Filigree Jewelry, Clothing (unless color and size is possibly flexible), Scrubs, and any orders with more than 4 different types of items. Basically while we can rush those things by a few days, most of them take a certain amount of processing time that we have no control over, so sometimes we are unable to rush them to meet your requested deadlines. During busy seasons the cell phone cases, clothing, and cut out jewelry can take up to an extra week even when rushed due to the long period of time one person has to spend on each order. Please keep in mind that we run machines Monday-Friday until 4PM EST. If your order is place on a Friday after 4PM, it will most likely not be touched until Monday around 9AM for the first time!

Do I need to add the Rush Fee?
If you are asking this question, the answer is most likely yes! We suggest adding the rush if your order is time sensitive.  Check out the Turn Around page on our website to view standard processing times. Still have questions? Just use this link to Contact Us.  Please include the item(s) you are interested in, your shipping address and your deadline!

I paid for UPS 2nd Day Air, why did it take 7 days to arrive?
Please remember that the shipping method you choose is the time it takes for COMPLETED order to be mailed from our facility in South Carolina to your address. The Shipping method does not have anything to do with the turn-around time. Please see the section above regarding turn-around time. Please understand if you pay $120 for overnight shipping, this does not mean that we will be able to manufacture your order overnight, it just means that we give that $120 to UPS once the order is completed!

I received a shipping confirmation and tracked my order, but I am getting an error message OR I tracked my order and the tracking says it was delivered, but I did not receive my package.

It may be that your package was just shipped! Please allow 12 -24 business hours for the postal service to process the package before trying to track the shipment, as it must be scanned at the location of departure before you are able to follow the shipment. If you are trying to track the shipment and it has been longer than 24 hours we ask that you please be patient. Sometimes we are at the mercy of the postal service once an order leaves our facility. This does happen and sometimes mail gets misplaced during transit, so we understand your frustration as we have had to replace many orders due to an error on their part. But no worries - more often than not these things do turn up! We suggest checking your shipment notification email to make sure you entered the correct address when placing your order. In the mean time, we suggest you to contact the postal service with the issue. You can provide them with the tracking info on the shipment notification email and they may be able to help you locate your package. We also suggest checking with your neighbors to see if they received the package by mistake.  If you live in an apartment, you can try checking in with the office. When something like this happens our company policy requires that we wait 10 business days before we will replace the order. This is the time frame the postal service requires us to wait this time frame before we are able to place a claim for your merchandise. If you still have not received the item once the tracking reflects that the shipment has not moved for the 10 day period please contact [email protected] and we will be sure to work with you to get you the order! If your package is returned to us because you have not included an accurate or complete address, we will ask you to pay an additional fee for the second shipment.  Please keep in mind all shipping charges are non-refundable.

Can I see a proof of what my initials will look like prior to making my order?
We are currently unable to offer this option! The reason we are unable to show you exactly what your monogram will look like is because so many of the items on our website are created in multiple locations with different types of software. Unless you own the software we own, you would be unable to open the monogram file to view it on your computer. We do offer an option at the bottom of most items that says "Can we change your font if something else looks better? Yes or No." We suggest choosing yes here. We rarely do change the font unless something about your letters just looks strange. For example, if your initials are JQF and you choose a scripty font, we may change it to a similar scripty font where the Q may look more readable if the font you choose has a funny looking Q. While we do not have the ability to show you what every single letter looks like in every font, we can provide a link to this website: http://www.monogram-wizard-plus.com/ This is the software that we use for most of our embroidery applications. You can download a PDF to view each font if you would like a further look at specific letters. Feel free to check out our blog post as well, The FYI on Fonts. Please note, we do not use that software for all of our items and engraved items and vinyl do have different fonts. Thank you!